Ukraine blues

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Blues For Ukraine (Official Video) - Bobby BlackHat and Danny Lubertazzi.


Songwriters capture the good, bad, and ugly moments of life through their lyrics. Sometimes that inspiration comes from tragedy. This is a moment of tragic, unwanted inspiration. Bobby BlackHat - lyrics and vocals Danny Lubertazzi - lead, rhythm, and bass guitar Kim Person - engineer, mixing, mastering Recorded at Cimirron/Rainbird Studios, Yorktown, VA

Blues Project I.F. - Ukraine Concert ElizReed 6-10-2022


Our performance for this concert. Thanks to all who participated. John Anderson - drums Brian Hess - congas Randy Haynes - Hammond Fred Cantafio - bass Mark Kerback - guitar and vocals Ralph Perez - guitar

#urgntlive 13.3 - BALAKLAVA BLUES - URGNT Ukrainian Music Showcase - June 3, 2020


Balaklava Blues is an ethno-bass live set from the creators of Lemon Bucket Orkestra and Counting Sheep: Staging a Revolution. Drawing on the lost polyphony of Eastern Ukraine in addition to soviet propaganda and original lyrics, no one cries more deeply and honestly about the revolution and war in Ukraine while simultaneously evoking intensity, strength, and unity they believe is at the heart of their troubled country. In fact, Mark and Marichka met and fell in love in 2014 during the protests on Independence Square in Kyiv and have since written widely about the situation in Ukraine, performed internationally with a focus on the intersection of art and politics, and advocated extensively for peace and democracy in Ukraine through their music. They've won 2 Dora Mavor Moore awards, an Edinburgh Fringe First Award and an Amnesty International Freedom of Speech commendation for their guerrilla-folk opera Counting Sheep and have collected numerous Juno nominations and a Canadian Folk Music Awards with Lemon Bucket Orkestra. The New York Times has called their work "charismatic, handsome, and ambitious" and The Guardian calls them "an evocation of human solidarity." Songlines called their debut album Fly "one of the most innovative and emotionally powerful projects on the European Music scene." - Urgent times call for urgent creativity. Our artists will lead the way. The videos are free to watch at or at the URGNT or Maclean's facebook pages, but the project is not. To pay your cover charge to support the economy of culture, go to our gofundme page at Major thanks to Music Together for co-producing this online festival - Thanks to Maclean's Magazine for streaming all #urgntlive concerts #urgnt #balaklavablues

Blues for Ukraine


Blues for Ukraine Composed and performed by Filippo Passerini #Ukraine #Stopthewar

Molli - Blues to Ukraine


säv.sov.san.orcestrointi.videokooste .kitarat molli

Blues For Ukraine


Ukraine Blues


Here's how you can help Ukrainian refugees, along with our fellow blues harmonica player, Konstantin Kolesnichenko. Ukrainian army: 🤍 CARE: 🤍 Kyiv Independent: 🤍 Konstantin Kolesnichenko Quartet: 🤍

Trump Ukrainian Dumbshit Blues


Trump is in the basement Snortin' up the medicine Sittin' on the toilet Tweetin' 'bout the Government Talkin' on the telephone Tryin' to get a dial tone Callin' up the Ukraine And his brain's on novocaine Look out kids, this can't be un-did God knows when we'll get to normal again They all ducked down the rabbit hole Man, that guy's an asshole The man in the Red Hat Inside the White House Wants 11 million now To keep him out of the Big House Well, Giu;iani's big foot In his mouth he likes to put He's talkin' 'bout the deep state Thinks that Trump is gonna skate The phone's tapped anyway Whilsteblower's here today Impeached by Halloween The Pumpkin Spice Drama Queen Lookout, kids We all know what he did Supporters are on tiptoes Lindsey Graham's gonna blow Revelation overflow Like drinkin' from a fire hose He's one of Putin's hos He's afraid of Nancy Pelose You don't need a weatherman To know his presidency blows Whoa, drain swap Do tell Hangin' 'round, it still smells Big last shoe fell Cancer from a windmill Try hard, Bill Barr Get back, white fail Get jailed, no bail Rake the forest if you fail Lookout Pence, he'll throw you under the fence A user, cheater, three-time loser Face Kabuki Theatre Girls on Fox News Lookin' for some new fools Don't follow this "leader" Republicans are greedier

I'm not leaving Town - Blues - Ukraine War


A song dedicated to the strength and leadership of the Ukrainian people. Words and Music, Guitars and Vocals: Ron van der Zwan Drums: Chris Craig I’m not leaving Town Bombs are flying in, way far from the east Kids fell down right here, have mercy would you please Our ripped flag’s down I’m not leaving town He’s a man of wealth, Smells of blood and waste Brokenness and loss Collapsed our social place They’re hunting us down I’m not leaving town I’m not leaving town



This Track will be on the Album "AGAINST WAR" you can preorder it sending us a mail



David Leonardo Music Composition & Guitar & Singer

Ukraine Blues


Whatever your God or whatever your mantra let us give a little to provide for the Children of the Ukraine. You know where is best for you.

Ukraine Blues


Après avoir vu les infos, j'ai allumé l'ampli, j'ai branché ma guitare puis les accords et les notes sont venus tout seul....

The Blues Came -- Blues for Ukraine


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Ukraine blues


Balaklava Blues - Live (Ukraine)


Country to Ukraine Festival - a volunteer based moving festival Summer 2019 Video by Dmytro Kaminskyi #BalaklavaBlues #live Підписатися на сторінку Balaklava Blues - 🤍 Cлухати альбом Balaklava Blues "Fly' - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Soundcloud - 🤍 🤍 Booking/Europe: aaron🤍 🤍 Booking/Canada: ian🤍 Booking/PR /Ukraine: olha.chertkova🤍 🤍

Balaklava Blues - Don't Leave Me (Official video)


Balaklava Blues - “Don’t Leave Me” Ukrainian-Canadian power couple captures Kyiv’s murals in intimate new music video Nascent Ukrainian electro-folk heroes Balaklava Blues have just released a music video dedicated to the international artists who travelled to Ukraine despite the war engulfing the east of the country to bring colour, perspective, and hope to the grey walls of the capital’s apartment blocks. The video, set to “Don’t Leave Me,” a song based on the lullaby said to have inspired Gershwin to write Summertime, was shot over 3 days in May 2019 and captures 79 of the city’s most iconic murals painted over the past 5 years. The song is the second single off the band’s debut album “Fly,” and has already found its way into Belarus Free Theatre’s Counting Sheep, the immersive guerilla-folk opera based on the story of Mark and Marichka meeting and falling in love during the 2014 Revolution of Dignity, and Human with a Stool, a documentary about the life and death of Leonid Kanter. The album received a four-star review from Songlines and was dubbed “one of the most innovative and emotionally powerful projects on the European music scene. Producers: Mark Marczyk, Marichka Marczyk, Olha Chertkova Concept: Olha Chertkova Editing and post-production: Volodymyr Nevelsky Director and Cinematographer: Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko Drone Operator: Serhij Rystenko Line Production: Tanya Kryva Music Producers: Mark Marczyk, Marichka Marczyk, Rob Teehan Performance: Mark Marczyk and Marichka Marczyk Mixing: Dave Plowman Mastering: Joao Carvahlo Підписатися на сторінку Balaklava Blues - 🤍 Cлухати альбом Balaklava Blues "Fly' - 🤍 Українсько-канадський дует Balaklava Blues зняв кліп про київські мурали. Нові герої українського електро-фольку, дует Balaklava Blues презентують кліп, присвячений київським муралам. Відео на пісню “Don’t leave me” знімали в травні 2019 протягом двох днів, тоді вдалося зафіксувати 79 муралів, усі вони увійшли до кліпу. Кліп зняли на пісню-колискову з дебютного альбому Balaklava Blues - “Fly”. Це перший альбом команди, що живе в Торонто та створює worldmusic, базовану на українському фольклорі, який в червні 2019 отримав чотиризіркову () рецензію британського видання Songlines , як “один з найбільш іноваційних та емоційно потужних проектів європейської музичної сцени". Знімав відео на “Don’t leave me” львівський режисер Олександр Фразе-Фразенко, монтував та робив постпродакшн київський режисер Володимир Невельський. Марічка Марчик, вокалістка Balaklava Blues про кліп "Коли ти на чужині, за сотні тисяч кілометрів від свого рідного міста Києва. Коли ти знаєш, відчуваєш, розділяєш його болі та радощі - хочеться зосередитися на красі, яка для тебе, імігранта є ще більш щемливою. Вона приходить у кольорових снах. У старовинних колискових піснях. Сильна, емоційна історія Києва останніх п’яти років. Місто мрій, боротьби та сили, місто мого кохання, місто надії. Мій Київ. Моя країна. Це те, що зі мною назавжди. Один з київських муралів, який ми зняли у відео, є для нас з Марком, моїм чоловіком, продюсером та музикантом Balaklava Blues, дуже особливим. Це мурал з очами Сергія Нігояна. У 2014 ми познайомилися з Марком на Майдані під час Революції Гідності й переживали, проживали разом трагічні події тієї зими. Згодом ми зрозуміли, що ніколи б не зустрілися, якби не загинув Сергій. Через його смерть я вийшла співати на Майдан. Саме в день, коли він загинув. Тоді ми вперше зустрілись з Марком. Саме його смерть, та смерть ще двох хлопців, змусила людей зібратися на Майдані. Тому його очі, це ті очі, у які ми будемо дивитися все життя з повагою і вдячністю. Мурал, на якому зображений Сергій є одним з перших, якій з’явився у постреволюційному Києві. І тепер заглянути в очі цього молодого хлопця, вірменина, який загинув за наше майбутнє, можуть всі, хто проходить вулицями навколо майдану, де творилася історія країни". Марко Марчик, вокаліст та продюсер Balaklava Blues про кліп: "Кожен київський мурал дає голос тисячам людей, що сплять у вікнах будинків, оточені спалахами кольорів від муралів. У кожному цьому зображенні стільки любові, болю та надії. Колискова “Don’t leave me” – наша спроба створити саундтрек до цього живого каталогу снів". Продюсери – Марко Марчик, Марічка Марчик, Ольга Черткова Ідея кліпу – Ольга Черткова Режисер монтажу та постпродакшн - Володимир Невельський Режисер зйомки, оператор - Олександр Фразе-Фразенко Зйомка дроном – Сергій Ристенко Лінійний продюсер зйомки – Таня Крива 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #BalaklavaBlues #DontLeaveMe Booking/Canada: ian🤍 Booking/PR /Ukraine, Europe: olha.chertkova🤍 🤍

Awesome John Live in The Ukraine , Chicago + Still Got The Blues


Sept 25th, 2011, This was a live International Song contest and Festival, Awesome John and his band were invited to play two songs :) His colorful personality , stage charm and mastery of the electric guitar lit up a smile on everyone's face. This show was aired live but afterward was repeatedly rebroadcast many times by popular demand. Notice that he gets his vocal mike just 5 seconds after his is introduced :) Awesome John showed his cool experience and rocked the audience regardless during the live broadcast. His drummer Halil Ertunga and Bass player Bemol Dere were razor sharp and the trio was tight and dynamic throughout the live event... Please feel free to share this wonderful performance with other Awesome John Fans. For info and bookings please contact awesomefanclub🤍

Blues for Ukraine


I was so moved by president Zelensky's speech to the Russian people (and the world) that I wrote this Blues for Ukraine.

Cowboy Bebop - The Real Folk Blues [Ukrainian | Українською]


Привіт! Раді вітати на каналі Music Space. Запрошуємо послухати кавер українською мовою на пісню: Cowboy Bebop - The Real Folk Blues. За бажанням, підтримай нас зручним для тебе способом: фінансово, лайком, підпискою або коментом. Завдяки цьому ми станемо ще кращими, а наші відео будуть виходити ще частіше. Нумо творити прекрасне разом! 👇 You can support our project here | Тут можна підтримати наш проєкт: 💲 Patreon: 🤍 💲 PrivatBank card: 5169 3600 1606 1065 [Призначення платежу: поповнення картки] 📩 Email us with your suggestions | З питань співробітництва пишіть на: musicspaceua🤍 ➡️ Share this video | Поділіться цим відео зі своїми друзями: 🤍 👉 TELEGRAM - 🤍 ▶︎ Name | Назва: The Real Folk Blues by The Seatbelts ▶︎ Source | Джерело: Cowboy Bebop (Ending theme) 🎵 Vocals | Вокал: Тетяна Приліпко 📄 Ukrainian lyrics | Українська лірика: Ігор Ремез 🎬 Video | Відео: Юлія Парух 💡 Author and Project manager | Автор і Керівник проекту: Ігор Ремез ✒ YouTube thumbnails | Ескізи YouTube: Ramzes ❤ Thank you! | Дякуємо! ❤ ▶︎ Copyright Disclaimer ▶︎ All media used in this video is used for the purpose of entertainment and education under the terms of fair use. All footage, music and images belong to their respective owners. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. #cowboybebop #ukrainiancover #musicspace #animesong #україна

Blues for Ukraine


Provided to YouTube by Amuseio AB Blues for Ukraine · Ocote Soul Sounds Blues for Ukraine ℗ Ocotesound Released on: 2022-03-18 Composer: Martin Adrian Perna Auto-generated by YouTube.

T.Kats. - Ukrainian Blues


LYRICS - The sky is crying Look at the tears washing down The bloody Ukrainian streets (x2) I saw the news this morning The carnage is spreading As far as eyes can see The sky is crying Dead bodies parade in front of our TV This anger and pain Will hunt you in life, You will never - ever- Be free The sky is crying Proudly we repeat evils From history Cashing in blood Aren't you aware You are investing in misery? The sky is crying Tears of fire falling All over me What hurts the most - pretty mamma- The greed in humans has gone Beyond any reach - © T.Kats. 2022

Михаил Сосунов – "Блюз" – выбор вслепую – Голос страны 8 сезон


Михаил Сосунов исполнил песню "Блюз" Земфиры на слепых прослушиваниях в 2 выпуске 8 сезона Голоса страны. Смотреть онлайн Голос страны 8 сезон 2 выпуск от 4.02.2018 – выбор вслепую.

Гімн дітей України - у виконанні учасників "Little Blues" (Rock version)


Anthem of the Children of Ukraine / Гімн України у виконанні дітей учасників "Little Blues" (Rock version) - Текст: Процвітає Україна її слава й воля Вже нам браття українці усміхнулась доля Гинуть наші вороженьки як роса на сонці Бо пануємо ми браття у своїй сторонці Душу й тіло ми зміцнили за нашу свободу Бо віками ми є браття козацького роду Чорне море нам сміється дід Дніпро радіє Бо у нашій Україні доленька квітіє А завзята праця щира всіх нас об'єднає Пісня волі в Україні гучніше лунає Душу й тіло ми зміцнили за нашу свободу Бо віками ми є браття козацького роду Процвітає Україна її слава й воля Вже нам браття українці усміхнулась доля Гинуть наші вороженьки як роса на сонці Бо пануємо ми браття у своїй сторонці Душу й тіло ми зміцнили за нашу свободу Бо віками ми є браття козацького роду Майстерня зірок "Little Blues" 🤍 м. Новомосковськ. Діти України. Гімн дітей України. Новый гимн Украины. Автор нового теста: Дмитрий Маштаков Музыка: Олександр Храпов Камера и монтаж: Александр Романенко PRODACTION: ROMANENKOFILM 🤍 - #ГімнУкраїни #деньнезависимости #президент

Blues and Yellow for Ukraine - The John Hegarty Blues Band


Recorded live at the Duke of York, Belfast. The John Hegarty Blues Band host an evening of Blues music as a fund raiser for UNICEF. Video recorded and edited by Rodney Brownlee.



Blues for Ukraine


Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Blues for Ukraine · Bob Arthurs · Steve Lamattina Jazz It Up! Ukrainian Songs for Three Dads ℗ 2018 Blue griffen recording, Inc. Released on: 2018-01-01 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Blues for Ukraine, for Putin, Just Shame


Provided to YouTube by DistroKid Blues for Ukraine, for Putin, Just Shame · Clive Burgess · clive burgess · clive burgess Blues for Ukraine, for Putin, Just Shame ℗ 825792 Records DK Released on: 2022-03-13 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Ukraine Blues


Parody of Cocaine Blues sung by Dylan and others

BALAKLAVA BLUES - Swallow (official video)


Ukrainian-Canadian folk-noir band, Balaklava Blues, unveil a powerful new single called SWALLOW. The song will be accompanied by a video, which is second in a series of moving, cinematic B&W visual pieces they have released since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Continuing their path in creating music signature to their name, the track blends an array of sonic elements, with heavy prose, 808s and other electronic inflections, sung in both Ukrainian and English while remaining signature to Balaklava Blues as it merges their collective influences. The message is straightforward, and song takes its name from the bird (swallow) and symbolic reference of flight; "we WILL fly; you WILL NOT land here." SWALLOW follows the band’s trajectory of drawing inspiration from folk tradition and experiences of revolution and war. "We (Ukrainians) have a deep tradition of turning tragedy into self-expression, beauty and empowerment. When war doesn’t let you sleep, you scream your lullabies in your enemy’s face," Balaklava Blues adds. SWALLOW following their March release, Shelter Our Sky, and was filmed and directed by Pedja Milosavljević of Balkanada. Both tracks are highlights of what is to follow on their forthcoming sophomore full length album, LET ME OUT, set to release this fall. The SWALLOW song and video release also marks an exclusive preview to Balaklava Blues' biggest performance ever— a Saturday night main stage slot at Colours of Ostrava, the biggest Czech festival, supporting Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, where an audience of 40K people has gathered in previous years of the event. A 20 date summer tour leading up to release of LET ME OUT will follow - see below for all details. Balaklava Blues, comprised of couple Mark and Marichka Marczyk, met during revolution of dignity in 2014 and left the eastern front after combat medic training to fight on the cultural front showcasing Ukrainian music, language and culture globally. Known for their steadfast support of communities, they launched their ONLY FARE refugee aid campaign with Toronto photographer, Peter Lusztyk, at the start of 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. To date, they have raised over $75K with t-shirt and print sales. In addition, they have helped raise over $1/2 million in fundraising shows all over North America —the band pledges to continue this until the war is over. Director: Pedja Milosavljević Music: Authors/Producers: Mark Marczyk + Marichka Marczyk Percussion: Oscar Lambarri Studio: The Nook Recording Studio Mixing engineer: David Plowman Mastering: João Carvalho Mastering #BalaklavaBlues Balaklava Blues Tour Dates July 16 - Colours of Ostrava - Ostrava, Czechia July 17 - Harrison Festival of the Arts - Harrison Hot Springs, BC July 18 - Folk Night for Ukraine - San Diego, CA July 20 - Balaklava Blues & Puuluup - Puuluup Vancouver, BC July 21 - Balaklava Blues at Victoria Event Centre - Victoria, BC July 24 - Surrey Fusion Festival - Surrey, BC August 26 - Pop Montréal - Montréal, QC August 27 - Tam Tam Macadam - Alma, QC September 1 - Festival De Musique Émergente - Rouyn-noranda, QC September 2 - Festi Jazz international de Rimouski - Rimouski, QC September 4 - Mondo Karnaval - Québec City, QC September 18 - Balaklava Blues at The Cedar Center - Minneapolis, MN September 20 - Balaklava Blues at Heyde Center - Chippewa Falls, WI Follow//Stream: 🤍 🤍 Ой ти, ласточка, ти касатая Ой, льолі, ти касата(я) Не літай ласточка під нєбєсє Ой льолі попід нєбєс(є) Не вєй гнєздєчко попід стріхами Ой, льолі, попід стріха(ми) Люлі-люлі, гей-гей Бо тєбє тута нє зімувати Ой, льолі, нє зімува(ті) Малих дєточок не виводити Ой, льолі, нє виводи(ти) Ой ти, ласточка, ти касатая Ой, льолі, ти касата(я) Люлі-люлі, гей-гей swallow, sweet swallow hush hush, sweet swallow don’t fly in these skies hush hush in these skies don't nest on this roof hush hush on this roof hush hush, hey hey you won't make it through the winter here hush hush not here your kids won't grow up here hush hush not here swallow, sweet swallow hush hush, sweet swallow hush hush, hey hey

Ukraine war Blues - Stop The War Play Music


Slow Blues by Nadav. Malter It's an anti war message to the world to Stop The War Play Music Nadav Malter Music 🤍

Blues for Ukraine


Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Blues for Ukraine · Xavier Julià · Eme Gallardo Alternativament ℗ 2022 Mitik Records Released on: 2022-08-11 Producer: Xavier Julià Auto-generated by YouTube.

Hine Ma Tov Blues - Cantor Pavel Roytman from Ukraine - Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues


All roads lead from 🤍 Concert Dates, Music Shop, Cousin Corky's Newsletter, and more The audio here is not s final master. This work will be on the new Chamber Blues album MORE Different Voices for a Sept 23, 2022 release. We recorded the song with Pavel in 2014 and decided to have it on our album in March of 2020. This begins with a 1 minute meditation. Pavel posted this on FaceBook: CANTOR PAVEL ROYTMAN: I am sharing this post with excitement yet a heavy heart, having Ukraine on my mind. Nazar Dzhuryn, Ilya Aizenshtat, Emiliya Ayzenshtat, Elzara Batalova. Never before [has] being a Cantor born in Ukraine meant so much to me. I was indeed born in Mykolaiv (Nikolaev) Ukraine, a city whose images i saw engulfed in the flames of this senseless war. Being a cantor from Ukraine, makes me proud of the country and the people whose cultural heritage is a part of mine and who are now heroically fighting for their independence. The Jews and the Ukrainians have a complicated past yet today I stand with people of Ukraine in prayer. Evil will not win. Goodness will prevail. Ще не вмерла України і слава, і воля! Corky has it right; CORKY: This song, Hine Ma Tov, is a chant for comity, compassion, peace, humility, humanity that dances and cries over and over; "Behold how good and how pleasing when brothers sit together in unity." CANTOR PAVEL ROYTMAN: There is a war going on and perhaps it is prudent of me to wish for unity while the innocent people are under attack. And yet, my Jewish-Ukrainian ancestors and those before and after them, in the period of the worst calamity would always say. "Oseh shalom bimromav Hu ya'aseh shalom aleynu-He. Who Makes Peace on High Places, He Shall Make Peace Upon Us." And as per Corky Siegel: CORKY: Music works below the mind, to move and change the mis-refined, and support those more inclined to do good works and bring our world a little more aligned. CANTOR PAVEL ROYTMAN: May it be so. - Cantor Pavel Roytman Corky P.S. More synchronicity: Filmed in 2020, beginning with a one minute meditation, of all places, in the gardens of Bahå'i temple in Wilmette Illinois (expressing hope for humanity) Cantor Pavel Roytman sings; Hine Ma Tov; behold how good and how pleasing when brothers sit together in unity, from his synagoge Beth Hillel B'nai Emunah. This is the full version of the Chant. The message couldn't be stronger. LOL! P.P.S. My grandparents were from Ukraine.

Benefit concert for Ukraine - The Big Tones, The Bluesbusters & The Blues Kings


Benefit concert for Ukraine on June 17, 2022 at the Theaterfabrik in Traunreut with the 3 B's: - Bobby & the Big Tones; - G.M. & The Bluesbusters; - Tscheky & The Blues Kings

Ukraine Blues ~ Acoustic Chris


I am also fundraising for Doctors Without Borders Canada to the help the people of Ukraine here: 🤍 I wrote and recorded this song in my new home recording studio (a.k.a. Couch Potato Studios). Many thanks to Sarah Anne, Rick and my songwriting friends. A huge thanks to Jason LaPrade for all his expert help and support in sound engineering.

Love For Ukraine Blues (feat. Fredrik Tibblin)


Provided to YouTube by DistroKid Love For Ukraine Blues (feat. Fredrik Tibblin) · The Alvedons · Fredrik Tibblin Love For Ukraine Blues (feat. Fredrik Tibblin) ℗ 2120377 Records DK Released on: 2022-04-09 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Ukrainian Blues


Poem about civilian people defending their freedom.

Volbeat - Shotgun Blues (Official Music Video)


New album “Servant of the Mind” is out on 3 December 2021! Available as Double Vinyl, Ltd. Double Vinyl Color Edition, CD, 2CD, Ltd. Deluxe Box Edition and as digital album including “Wait A Minute My Girl”, “Dagen Før”, “Becoming” & “Shotgun Blues” - Out-Now: 🤍 VOLBEAT – Shotgun Blues (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Check out the new VOLBEAT video “Shotgun Blues”. The Song is available for streaming here: 🤍 Produced by Jacob Hansen with Michael Poulsen Mixed by Jacob Hansen Lyrics and music: Michael Poulsen Directed by Adam Rothlein Produced by Ghost Atomic Pictures Director of photography - Odin Wadleigh Editor - Jon Danovic Follow VOLBEAT: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Lyrics: Living in darkness, became a burden in daylight Carrying the souls of the dead and feeding them with life Stop wearing me out, I present you the gate I’m passing you over and leave you with faith You’re living a second life that don’t belong to you Step out of my body I believe you like it too Stop wearing me out, I present you the gate I’m passing you over and leave you with faith You’re now leaving I couldn’t rule with you One minute to sing the shotgun blues How you feeling? Do you love it too? One minute to sing the shotgun blues 32 years have gone, you’re now on the other side Leaving with good energy, a blessing in disguise Stop wearing me out, I present you the gate I’m passing you over and leave you with faith You’re now leaving I couldn’t rule with you One minute to sing the shotgun blues How you feeling? Do you love it too? One minute to sing the shotgun blues You’re now leaving I couldn’t rule with you One minute to sing the shotgun blues How you feeling? Do you love it too? One minute to sing the shotgun blues

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